A Detail Survey is carried out to determine the features within the land and around the surroundings. The features to be surveyed depends upon the individual requirements. The features mainly include the location of the building, driveways, trees, rocks, watercourses, walls, windows, etc. Both natural and man-made structures are considered under a Detail Survey. Hobart Surveying is providing Detail Survey service in the area from over two decades and is perfectly equipped to offer the best results.

Detail survey is also popular by other names viz. Topographic or Contour Survey. The report of the survey is required by the local Council/ authorities, land valuers, and Designers (Architects and Engineers).

Features Covered in a Detail Survey

As mentioned above, both natural and man-made features on and around the land are considered in the Detail Survey. These features are:

  • Site co-ordination
  • Types of soil
  • Landmarks
  • Location of true north
  • Spot levels
  • Contours
  • Ridge and Gutter heights
  • Kerb levels
  • Outline of adjacent buildings
  • Height of adjacent buildings the face the site
  • Window position
  • Location, height, and width of large bushes and trees
  • Driveways, Retaining Walls, drainage, and Fences
  • Location of pergolas, garden sheds and other structures
  • Location of visible services such as telephone, power poles, sewerage


The 2D and 3D technology we use for surveying the site detects bot the above surface and underground features of the land. It will provide the complete structure of the land to the Engineers, Architects, and Designers for analysing the situation of the land. This information is the basis for drafting the building design.


When is a Detail Survey Required?

A Detail Survey report is required by the council in the following cases:

  • Building a new property
  • Extending a property
  • Property valuation
  • Assessment of drainage
  • Identify any known flood levels


Process of Detail Survey

The Detail Survey involves the following stages:

  1. Determining the purpose of the survey after talking with the client
  2. Estimating the survey cost. You can get an obligation free quote from our team and compare it with the other packages.
  3. Site visit for taking site survey and measurements. We visit the sites even at the shortest notice.
  4. Drafting plan (survey report), quality assurance, and other calculations
  5. Delivering the survey report. You can talk to our surveyors if you have any issues with the report. Every point of the report will be explained.

For every new construction or renovation, a topographic survey is to be carried out before working on the design and architecture. The survey report then needs to be submitted to the local authorities for approval along with the application for starting the construction work. Once the approval is received, only then the design can be worked on.

You are at the Right Place

At Hobart Surveying, we ensure that the Detail Survey is conducted extensively covering all the points so that the survey report is accepted at once and the approval is given asap. Every land is unique and thus we customize our surveys as per the land structure and clients’ requirements. We have more than 20 years of experience working on different types of land pieces.