Hobart Surveying is providing a complete range of surveying services from over 20 years in Hobart and the nearby areas namely Glenorchy, Clarence, Kingborough, and Brighton. Thus, we have a complete understanding of councils’ laws of all these regions.

Here is the list of the main services offered at Hobart Surveying:

  • Detail Survey
  • Boundary Marking
  • Identification Report
  • Building Set Out
  • Redefinition plans
  • Subdivision
  • Lot Consolidation

Check out what is covered under different services to find which one fits your requirement.

Detail Survey

If you are planning for new construction, property valuation, or property extension, you must go for a Detail Survey. The survey will include marking of nearby structures (pools, trees, building, and other) and existing structure boundaries. Our detail survey reports are easy to read and understand. The council will require a ‘detail survey’ in case of a new construction or extension.

Boundary Marking

Measuring, marking, and mapping of property boundary lines are involved in boundary marking. Previous records of the property are also checked to ensure additional evidence for the marked boundaries. A survey report is prepared to contain the findings of the survey.

Identification Report

Identification survey is a step further of the boundary marking survey. Thus, it includes identifying the significant structures (corners, fences, sheds, gutters, and buildings) around the boundaries along with marking of the boundaries as done in boundary marking survey. The report is also useful in identifying any kind of encroachment. This report is applicable while buying/ selling a property.

Building Set Out Survey

A building set-out survey is prepared for making sure that what will be built is exactly same as what is on the papers. Each line marked on the papers is clearly labelled using paling fences on the land before construction in the set-out survey. Thus, the building set-out survey involves marking the exact measurements for the proposed development on the land.

Redefinition Plans

Lots marked on old plans often need to be resurveyed to clarify any uncertainty in context with boundaries and dimensions before starting the construction. Also, pegs marked in old properties might go missing over time. Thus, in such situations, a redefinition plan/ survey is required. A redefinition plan helps in updating the property information. Redefinition plans become the base plan for any new developments.


Sub-division is dividing land into two or more lots. However, this subdivision cannot be done without any certified plan. Thus, a subdivision survey is carried out to make a subdivision plan. The existing boundaries are identified and new boundaries are proposed in the subdivision plan. The plan is sent to the local authorities/ council for approval.

Lot Consolidation

Lot consolidation as the name suggests is combining two or more plots into a single plot. For doing so, a plan is required to be drafted after conducting a survey. The land lots are examined and new boundaries are defined for the consolidated plot. The lot consolidation survey report is then sent to the council for approval. Only after the approval, the land will be considered as a single plot.

Talk to our team to know about the surveying service you will require for your property.