Apartments or units are the new way of living. Young people (even elderly people) are considering moving to the apartments because of the comprehensive services provided at one place and the security provided at these places. However, developing apartments is not at all an easy task. People also have many issues with design and structure. Thus, the develop needs to design the apartments mindfully to ensure high sales. Here, we will be discussing the things to be considered while developing apartments.

surveyors at work

As apartments are built in large numbers and at multi-levels following the same design, the design must be the best. Thus, if the plan view of the apartments is designed properly, half of the work is considered done. The process of reaching a perfect plan view involves several steps.


Research is the most important part. During the research phase, do the following:

  • Seeking expert advice initially – Seeking advice involves consulting a surveyor for understanding the requirements as per council’s guidelines and understanding the features of the land.
  • Know your budget – Consider all the costs at the initial stage. A hidden cost can hamper the progress of the project.
  • Understand the building regulations and planning restrictions – Get to know about the building restriction in the area where the land is situated. This will save you from future issues.
  • Understand assessing, designing, and building processes – Understanding these processes beforehand will make you understand what is going on when the processes start.

Thus, this phase requires you to get ready with all the knowledge and understanding you must have before developing apartments.


Now that you are done with the research work, assess the following:

  • Get the land survey done – Ask your surveyor to get the and survey done and take the approval of the authorities to start the construction.
  • Work out the time required for project completion – You also need to decide on the time required for completion of the project and make deadline accordingly.
  • Find solutions for how to work with restrictions – If there are any restrictions in your area, discuss the same with your surveyor to come with a solution.
  • Analyse the market for sales potential – Analyse the market beforehand to calculate the sale potential.

Follow the Process

The standard process for developing apartments or any other building comprises:

  • Assessment
  • Designing
  • Approvals
  • Building

Follow the process strictly to avoid any confusions or delay. Move to the next step only when the first one is complete.

A surveyor will help through the entire process, starting from the research phase. Thus, find a reliable surveyor for your project. Hire an experienced surveyor who has worked on developing apartments earlier. He will have complete knowledge about the surveys that are required, hassles that can come in your way and their solutions, and more.

The team of Hobart Surveying has an experience of more than 20 years in Surveying. They have worked on a range of projects and have completed all. Their reports always get approval for the first time. So, they never keep the client waiting for the approval on part of not meeting the council’s guidelines.