Identification report is used to establish the boundaries of a property. The report will also identify the location of fences, retaining walls, and building. At Hobart Surveying, you will find qualified and experienced surveyors for carrying out identification survey. We are working in the area from the last 20 years and have in-depth knowledge about the council laws.

The report is also known by other names viz:

  • Ident Survey
  • Ident Report
  • Identification Survey
  • Survey Report
  • Ident

It is advised to get an identification report to get protection from any potential disputes or at the time of purchasing a property (mortgage providers require the report). The local council also requires the report in case you want to complete the pending construction work.

When is Identification Survey Required?

Identification reports are mainly required while buying or selling a property for the following purposes:

  • Establishing the legal property boundary
  • Identifying possible encroachment to and from the property
  • Locate the building as per the legal boundaries and design
  • Investigate restrictions, easements or covenants
  • Identifying corners of the land (in case of land purchase)

Identification reports are also required in case you have any boundary disputes with your neighbours, wants to complete a construction work (the Council requires the report), or your mortgage provider has asked for the report.

Identification Survey Process

The identification survey involves the following steps:

  • Referring to the registered deposited plan and doing the calculations. The first step is to refer to the already deposited plan of the property and note down the boundaries.
  • Visiting the site to locate the existing and new structures. The next step involves visiting the site and locate the existing structures and identifying any new structures.
  • Drafting the report, preparing the Ident report, quality assurance. The report is to be signed by a registered surveyor.
  • Providing the survey report to the client.

While hiring the services at Hobart Surveying, you are first required to get a quote for the service. After comparing the quote, you can get back to us. Once you have confirmed the service, you will be briefed about the process so that you are aware of what is happening. We always keep our clients in loop during the surveying process. After, the survey will be conducted following the above-mentioned steps.

All the survey reports prepared at Hobart Surveying are easy to read and understand with clear references. However, if any client has issues in understanding the reports, our surveyors are always happy to help them understand the same. You can get in touch and clarify your doubts.

The identification reports prepared by our team are always as per the council guidelines so you will never have any issue in their approval. We also make sure that you get quick mortgage approval based on the identification report provided at Hobart Surveying.

With over two decades of surveying services in Hobart and nearby areas, we ensure you will get the best identification survey experience with us. Just visit the ‘Quote’ page and provide some details to get an obligation-free quote today.