Any type of construction or renovation work requires a surveyor. A surveyor will analyse the piece of land or property and provide his finding in a detailed report. The report is required by the council to approve of carrying out the construction work. The process is common and mandatory for any type of construction work in Hobart. So, here we will see what are the situations when you will need a surveyor in Hobart.

When Do I Need A Surveyor in Hobart?

Surveying has now become a common procedure while thinking about new construction or renovating a property unit. Surveyors help in identifying the features of the land or property (boundary lines of the property, surrounding structures or obstacles) as per the guidelines of the local council. A survey report saves you from getting into any legal issues related to the property in future. Let’s have a look at the situation when the services of surveyor are required.

theodolite used by surveyors

Building a New Residential Property

Building a new home in Hobart surely requires a surveyor. The surveyor carries out a survey for identifying the land measurements, surrounding areas, etc. This information helps in drafting a design that doesn’t conflict with the council’s guidelines and lands you in future legal hassles. Thus, surveying companies work with engineers and architects to ensure everything is fine.

Renovating or Extending a Property

Not only for building a new house, but you also need a surveyor even if you want to renovate or extend your property. The renovation you are planning must be in-lines with the town planning codes. Thus, the council will require a survey report on the same. The survey will analyse the existing structure, proposed extension, existing underground services, etc. to avoid damages.

Buying/ Selling a Property

Although it is not compliance for having a survey done while buying/ selling a house. However, many parties decide to go for it to know the exact (legal) features of the property. The correct information about the land size and other features will help in estimating the actual cost of the property. The survey can be done by either the buyer or seller.

Now that you know that surveyor services are essential and are required at various place, here we have some suggestions to find the best one. Look for the registration, experience, previous work, etc. while hiring a surveyor. You must always hire a registered surveyor s only his signature are acceptable on a survey report. An experienced surveyor or company will be well aware of the working process and the local council’s guidelines. So, preparing the survey report will not take any time and will be reliable. Previous work always helps in getting an idea about the quality of service.


With Hobart Surveying, you will see all the points well covered. We have been solely working in the surveying field from the past 20 years and have worked on a comprehensive range of projects. We are sure that our experience will benefit you in your surveying requirements.